Simple Photo Cards

Growing up my mom always made my brothers and I write thank you notes…I didn’t always enjoy it so much at the time, but now I’m really glad she instilled that habit in me. And so of course, I’m planning on having my own kids write thank you notes of their own. They’re a little young to write their own, but I have Charlotte sit with me and “help” me write the notes, and then she colors a little picture on the inside of each one. I think it’s important to get them in the habit at a young age so that they learn writing thank you notes is just “what you do.”

I made these thank you notes and Charlotte loved them (what 4 year old girl doesn’t love a picture of themselves???) and the recipients loved them as well.

If you know me, you know I’m not too crafty, so anything I make is usually pretty simple. All you need for these is some blank stationary, black photo corners, and a picture. I used pictures from the birthday party that we were sending thank you notes for. Simply cut your photo down to the size needed and attach it using photo corners.

Affordable, meaningful, and simple!

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  1. super cute krissa. the crafty bug has bitten you!

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