No Room for a Garden?

I would love to have a a big beautiful garden filled with all kinds of delicious veggies and herbs, but due to both space and time, that’s not happening for me at this point. So I decided to do a small potted herb garden and I LOVE it!

You can get your kids involved and it’s a great way to teach them how things grow and how to take care of things. Charlotte came with me to select our herbs…rosemary, thyme, mint, cilantro, oregano, and basil. We also got a strawberry plant and a tomato plant.

And we picked up some flowers too…just to make it pretty.

She helps me water every day.

We use our herbs almost every day in one way or another. Here are some ideas:

Mint-my husband puts mint leaves in the coffee filter every morning to add some minty taste to his coffee. Mint is also tasty to add to lemonade or water. I also use mint in this recipe.

*Note on mint: put mint in it’s own pot, because it tends to take over everything else.

Basil-I love, love, love making my own fresh pesto sauce. Here’s a great recipe. I use it on bagels with tomatoes, on pasta, and on pizza as a replacement for pizza sauce. Fresh basil is also a great addition in many other dishes.

Cilantro-some people are cilantro lovers, some are not. We are. We put it in chicken tortilla soup, on tacos, in guacamole, etc. Pretty much any Mexican food dish can use a little cilantro.

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs. When we grill salmon we wrap it in foil with butter, lemon juice, rosemary, and thyme. And I just made this Buttermilk Summer Squash Soup with some of my fresh rosemary and it was delicious!

So until I’m able to have the garden I dream of, I get fresh produce every week from my CSA, and I have fresh herbs to flavor all my dishes…works for me!

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2 Responses to No Room for a Garden?

  1. go you. this is fantastic! i have a black thumb. 😦 seriously, nothing i have ever grown has lived. your herb garden inspires me to want one….. and your love for cooking inspires me as well. anybody else out there think that cooking is a creative outlet? cuz i do. i don’t have it, but i look at what you cook and what you are growing and i’m like, “i would never think to put mint in my coffee filter. that is creative.”

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