Hooray for “H”

Since we just moved, I haven’t gotten our learning board back up yet, and we didn’t get much further than checking out some books on our theme for the week…”H” is for hippopotamus. Here are the books we enjoyed:

Kiss Kiss by Margaret Wild. This is a super cute book about a baby Hippo who leaves in the morning without giving his mama a kiss. As he goes about his day, he sees all the other animals giving their mamas kisses and realizes what he forgot and heads back home to give his mama a kiss kiss. This was Charlotte’s most requested “H” book.

Hilda Must Be Dancing by Karma Wilson. This is another fun book. Hilda the Hippo loves to dance. The problem is, when she dances she cause the jungle to shake so much that it causes all kinds of problems for the other animals. They keep trying to find her a new hobby and eventually come up with a perfect solution.

Veronica on Petunia’s Farm by Roger Duvoisin. When Veronica arrives to her new home on the farm, she is excited about everything. But the farm animals do not welcome her into the fold, and she loses interest in everything and becomes sad and depressed. The other animals notice this and begin to do things to make her feel welcome on the farm and in the end they are all friends.

We also got a new book called Big Thoughts for Little People: ABC’s To Help You Grow by Kenneth N. Taylor, which I love so far. It has a value or moral to go with each letter of the alphabet, along with a Bible verse. The theme for “H” is:

“H is for helping
Your mom or your dad.
It says in the Bible
That this makes God glad.”

I sure do like that one! For each moral/theme, it also includes three questions to talk over with your kids, as well as a verse to go along with the theme. The verse for helping is: God will bless you and use you to help others. 1 Timothy 4:16. I definitely recommend adding this book to your personal library.

And that’s all we really did for “H”. Oh…and of course Charlotte was singing “Hip, Hip, Hip, Hippopotamus, Hip, Hip, Hooray God made all of us…” all week.

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2 Responses to Hooray for “H”

  1. kelley says:

    another great letter week. i know books are great but if you are ever looking for a good video, macy has this ‘leap frog’ video- ‘the letter factory’ that someone gave us and she loves it! she will ask to watch it over mickey and thats pretty huge in our house 😉 i’m not sure if it would be too babyish for charlotte, but you could always try it and then hold onto it for isaac if it is…

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