J Is For…

jellybeans, jellyfish, Jesus, joy, jewelry, Japan, and more! I finally got our learning board up at the new house, but haven’t been keeping up with the letters of the week very well. We skipped I, and after J we’re moving right over K to L. I’m trying to keep up with the letter of the week at Charlotte’s preschool, but it takes me about two weeks to get through each letter. Oh well…we’ll just have to skip some for now! Here’s our learning board for the week:

She colored some pictures of jewelry, the flag of Japan, and our last name of course!

Country: Japan

We only checked out a couple of books from the library this week, and they were both about Japan.

The Way We Do It In Japan by Geneva Cobb Iijima. This is the story of an American boy who moves to Japan and learns all about the way things are done in Japan. I thought this was a great book for learning about Japan while holding the interest of a young listener or reader. There were also several Japanese phrases included which was fun.

The Falling Flowers by Jennifer B. Reed. This was a sweet story of a girl whose grandmother takes her to see the cherry blossoms falling. There is also an informational page at the back with information on cherry trees, and some customs and traditions in Japan related to cherry trees. I liked this fun and easy craft to go along with the story, but we never got a chance to do it.

We did make a Jellybean J, which Charlotte really enjoyed…and Isaac really enjoyed sneaking in her room later and eating the jellybeans! It was super easy…I just traced a J on a piece of paper, dotted glue all over it and had her stick jellybeans on the glue dots. Simple and fun!

Verse: Always be full of JOY in the Lord. Philippians 4:4. This is a good one for mommy to work on too!

Charlotte decorating our verse for the week.

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  1. kelley says:

    i love the jellybean craft! 😉

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